Heritage – Lost Shepparton Challenge

Lost Shepparton has invited all Greater Shepparton City Council Candidates to share an historical photo on their FB page and outline what it means to them. Also included, must be their vision for preserving and promoting our heritage today and into the future.

International Village – Shepparton CIRCA 1972

I’m sharing a picture of the old International Village. It was progressive and transformational for it’s time and since being dismantled by previous Councils, has remained dear in the hearts of locals who remember.

Arguably, if the Village were to exist today, it would be a popular and viable tourist attraction. Happily, parts have been retained, relocated, or reused such as the Bangerang Cultural Centre, Philippine House, Japanese Gardens, One FM Radio Station and various other bits and bobs.

What this means to me, is we must value heritage. Although individuals may not always recognise heritage significance, Council must be the gatekeeper of preservation. What we take for granted today, could hold significance in years to come. Development must always balance heritage, which is why I applaud Council’s determination to form an inaugural Heritage Committee, Chaired by the late Bruce Wilson.

Since we have lost so much heritage, one idea is to develop a heritage walking tour, set out by plaques where places of significance used to stand…

I found Yogi on a FB ‘Buy Swap and Sell’ site, for urgent sale. Recognising so many local adults probably have long lasting memories of this guy, I bought and donated him to the Lost Shepparton Shop. 

Yogi is believed to originally been located at Vic Park Lake, although similar Yogi’s were also found at the International Village. He needed a bit of TLC, so Geoff from Lost Shepparton kindly completed restoration works. Yogi was on display at the Lost Shepparton Shop prior to their transition to the Heritage Museum, but due to lack of space, he now sits in my front yard, waiting a resurgence due to popular demand…

Lost Shepparton have been finding tid-bits of Greater Shepparton’s past and have developed a very large following. They released 2 editions of ‘Lost Shepparton’, outlining our history and culture, which can be purchased at ‘Focus Cards and Gifts’ in the Mall.

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