Rail Services


It’s no secret rail services to and from Greater Shepparton are totally inadequate. We are the fifth largest and fastest growing region in Regional Victoria, yet are constantly overlooked for upgrades.

Benefits of better rail services:

  • Increase property value
  • Improved access to services, such as medical treatment
  • Encourage more professionals to relocate here
  • Retain our youth population
  • Empower our older population
  • Boost tourism
  • Offer access to Metro events
  • Improve education though Melbourne conferences/University
  • Increase employment opportunities

Council has lobbied strongly for equitable rail services over the last four years, to no avail. As part of our Make Shepparton Greater Campaign, we conducted a survey that was presented to State Government officials *results below

train stats

Suzanna Sheed was elected as an Independent State Member for Shepparton on the back of promising better rail services. Her sensible five point ‘All Aboard’ campaign included a passing lane in Murchison and track upgrades to allow velocity carriages.

Greater Shepparton took part in the ‘All Aboard’ train rally organised by Suzanna. We dressed in our pyjamas, boarded the early train at 5.15am and protested on the steps of Parliament, which made National headlines.

‘All Aboard’ YouTube link

I also became a Federal candidate for the Bullet Train for Australia Party to ensure there was representation along the entire proposed Government route from Melbourne to Brisbane. Greater Shepparton is not a small regional centre, our catchment has over 200,000 people across Shires. A Bullet Train system will be transformational for regional Victoria, reduce urban sprawl in Melbourne, reduce airline congestion, reduce greenhouse gasses and create 100,000 jobs.

The Bullet Train project is now being lead by a group named CLARA, who are harnessing private enterprise and using increased property sales to finance the capital. I will be eagerly watching this space…

Train - Age
Fern Summer on pages 3/4 of The Age

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