Marriage Equality


I fully support marriage equality without a plebiscite. Greater Shepparton City Council pride ourselves on our diversity. We offer funding, as well as in-kind services, to assist in the Out in the Open Festival, amongst other initiatives that raise awareness and promote community acceptance. Our LGBTIQ community is strong and engaged. I’m proud to count them as my friends and colleagues.

I moved a successful Motion that Council support Marriage Equality and write to State and Federal Members urging their support to accelerate a Marriage Equality Bill in Parliament. A plebiscite is costly, non-binding and will escalate divisive commentary that LGBTI, their friends and their family, do not need to be exposed to. Frankly, it will cause unnecessary harm to a group of beautiful people who are already 3 times more at risk of suicide and depression than those who don’t identify as LGBTIQ.

“It’s disgusting, not only are they abdicating their duties as a government to move Australia forward, but we didn’t need a plebiscite the last time they changed the Marriage Act in 2002”, Cr Summer said.


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